Department of Neurology

The Medical City’s Neurology staff consists of board certified neurologists, with interests in memory disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, movement disorders, epilepsy, neurophysiology, personalized medicine and a neuropsychologist. It has formed partnerships and linkages within and outside of The Medical City to enhance training, research, diagnostics, and patient care.

It offers neurological services (in the areas of patient care, education, and research) that are patient-centered, world class, multi-disciplinary, cost-effective, evidence-based, and ethical for the benefit of all economic segments and in response to the needs of the global market.

The group continues to develop and mobilize its organization which is characterized by strong leadership, competent and committed staff, an effective structure, and a supportive milieu. The Neurology team applies cutting-edge laboratory technology in a manner that is rational and appropriate and ultimately achieves profitability and growth through responsible and sustainable fiscal management, accompanied by efficient and productive operations.



Acute Stroke Unit (ACSU) and Neurologic Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Acute cerebrovascular disorders are referred to the Brain Attack Team for assessment and administration of thrombolysis, if warranted, for patients arriving within the three-hour golden period at the emergency room.  The Brain Attack Team is composed of a neurology consultant, neurology resident and the stroke nurse; and the entire team undergoes regular training in stroke assessment and management.

Patients are monitored in the state-of-the-art eight-bed joint Acute Stroke Unit (AcSU) and Neurologic Intensive Care Unit (NICU) by National Institutes of Health (NIH)-certified stroke nurses and neurology staff.  It is also in this unit where other acute neurological conditions such as status epilepticus, meningitis, and post-operative neurosurgical cases, among others are closely monitored and managed.

Neuroscience Center

The Neuroscience Center caters to inpatient and outpatient neurophysiologic studies including electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography and nerve conduction studies (EMG-NCV), and complete evoked potential studies i.e. visual evoked responses (VER), brainstem auditory evoked responses (BAER), and somatosensory evoked potentials (SSEP).  The Center recently acquired additional video-EEG facilities that are capable of prolonged EEG monitoring.  The center also offers intraoperative physiological monitoring for surgical procedures such as basal skill and spinal cord surgery. 

Movement Disorders Clinic

This is a new service that offers personalized care and management of patients with Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders.  It serves as a referral center for Parkinson’s Disease and other Movements Disorders, and is housed in the Neuroscience Center.

Our Team

Dr. Ramon Carlos Miguel Alemany
Dr. Veeda Michelle Anlacan
Dr. Ester Bitanga
Dr. Marc Joseph Oliver Buensalido
Dr. Valmarie Estrada
Dr. Criscely L. Go
Dr. Katerina Tanya Gosiengfiao
Dr. Senna Lim
Dr. Grace Orteza
Dr. Ma. Luisa Gwenn Pabellano-Tiongson
Dr. Jose Leonard Pascual
Dr. Anthony Piano
Dr. Jose Paciano Baltazar Reyes
Dr. Joanne Robles
Dr. Artemio Roxas, Jr.
Dr. Amado San Luis
Dr. Edmundo Saniel
Dr. Jo Ann Soliven
Dr. Mark Anthony Sta. Maria
Dr. John Jerusalem Tiongson

Dr. Lourdes Ledesma

Contact Us

TMC’s Department of Neurology is located on the 4th Floor, Podium Bldg.
For information, please call tel. nos. (632) 8-988-1000/ (632) 8-988-7000 loc. 6270