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Core Values

Core Values

About Us

The Medical City Towards Service and Leadership

Core values set the foundation for a company’s culture and purpose. In the healthcare industry, a strong sense of personal and professional values are essential to success.

Excellent and compassionate service

We aspire to excellence and compassion in the provision of our services, achieving increasingly superior performance through organizational synergy and continuous innovation.

Client Partnership

We forge sustainable partnerships with enlightened and empowered clients - our patients, physicians and payors - systematically creating opportunities for active engagement, informed participation, and shared responsibility.

Primacy of the human resource

We invest in the personal and professional development of our staff, providing them with the requisite technology, capacity and voice to exercise their primacy as a resource in serving our customers and creating value for our shareholders.


We uphold personal and institutional integrity, consistently seeking alignment between the values that we espouse, and the strategies, decisions and actions that we pursue.