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Multidisciplinary Neuro Oncology Treatment

The Medical City's Augusto P. Sarmiento Cancer Institute is a space dedicated to the comprehensive care and treatment of patients suffering from neurological cancers. With a team of specialized professionals, the neuro oncology team provides tailored care to meet the unique needs of each patient. Cutting-edge equipment and technology are available to ensure that the most advanced treatments are provided. The neuro oncology team aims to ensure that patients and their families receive the highest level of care and support through informed and compassionate care.

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What is Neuro Cancer?

Neuro cancer is a disease that affects the cells in the brain or spinal cord and can have devastating effects on the body. It is a serious illness that requires delicate care and attention in order to properly treat. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the brain, it can be difficult to detect and treat neuro cancer early on. However, with advancements in technology and an increasing understanding of disease, we are making progress in the fight against neuro cancer in the Philippines. We approach each case with the utmost care and concern for our patients, ensuring that we do everything in our power to give patients the best possible outcome.


  • For Brain Tumor

  • Routine Craniotomy and Excision
  • Minimally Invasive Approaches
  • Skull Base Surgery
  • Surgery with Cortical Mapping
  • Transsphenoidal Excision of Stellar Tumors
  • Stereotactic Biopsy; Endoscopically Assisted Surgery
  • Intraoperative Cranial Nerve Monitoring; Tumor Embolization
  • For Spine Tumor

  • Routine Excision
  • Complex Thoracic and Abdominal Approaches
  • Instrumentation and Stabilization Procedures

Other Services

  • Prompt Diagnosis
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Comprehensive evaluation and management of Pituitary Tumors
  • Accurate Histopathologic Diagnosis and Multidisciplinary Family Meeting


What Are the Types of Neuro Cancer?

Neuro cancer refers to a type of cancer that forms in the brain tissues or the spinal cord. Despite being a rare type of cancer, it can have devastating effects on a person's life.

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is a complex and serious illness that can be life-threatening. It can occur within the brain or spread from other parts of the body. With so many different types of brain cancer, it's important to recognize the symptoms and seek professional help immediately. These symptoms can range from headaches and seizures to difficulty with speech and coordination. When it comes to treatment, each type of brain cancer requires a tailored approach depending on the location, size, and type of tumor.

Spinal Cancer

Spinal cancer, also known as spinal cord tumors, is a rare and serious condition that occurs when abnormal cells grow and multiply in or near the spinal cord. These tumors can be either primary or metastatic and can arise from various parts of the body, including the bones, nerves, and connective tissues. Spinal cancer can cause a range of symptoms, including back pain, difficulty walking, numbness or weakness in the extremities, and bowel or bladder dysfunction. Treatment options depend on the location, type, and stage of the tumor, but may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and/or targeted therapy.

How is Neuro Cancer Detected?

Tumors affecting the brain and the spinal cord are being detected at an increasing rate due to early recognition of the signs and symptoms and rapid diagnosis with CT-Scan or MRI. Most of these tumors are benign and could be managed with cure as an intention. Patients with malignant lesions have been shown to have improved survival rate with multimodality treatment. The success of treatment of such conditions depends largely on timely and appropriate intervention.

Who is at Risk for Neuro Cancer in the Philippines

Neuro cancer can impact anyone, regardless of age or background. Certain populations, however, are at higher risk for developing neuro cancer than others. These include individuals who have been exposed to radiation, have a family history of brain cancer, and those with weakened immune systems. Additional risk factors include genetic disorders such as neurofibromatosis and Li-Fraumeni syndrome.

It's important to be aware of these factors and to take preventative measures, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and undergoing regular medical screenings, to reduce the risk of developing this potentially lethal disease.

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