About Us

About Us

The Medical City (TMC), owned and operated by Professional Services Inc. (PSI), has distilled 50 years of experience in hospital operation and administration in the establishment of its world-class healthcare organization that serves some 50,000 inpatients and 500,000 outpatients a year.

Our Network

TMC is a growing healthcare network with its main healthcare complex located along Ortigas Avenue in the business district of Pasig City, Metro Manila, while the provincial hospitals are strategically situated in Clark, Iloilo, Laguna, and Pangasinan. This is supplemented by a network of over 40 clinics in strategic locations scattered all over Metro Manila and in select provinces, a concrete proof of the hospital’s commitment to make high quality healthcare accessible to its growing customer base.

TMC has also taken its brand into the global arena through the ownership and operation of Guam Regional Medical City or GRMC, the first and only private hospital in Guam, and the establishment of ambulatory clinics in Gulf Cooperation Council countries.


Our Facility

The main facility is located on a 1.5 hectare property along Ortigas Avenue in the business district of Pasig City, Metro Manila. It is composed of 115,000 square meters of floor space, and includes two Nursing Towers with capacity of up to 800 beds, joined by a Podium, bridge ways and a Medical Arts Tower. The 18 floors of the Medical Arts Tower house 280 doctors’ clinics and select commercial spaces. Located within the six-floor Podium are diagnostic and intervention facilities, as well as support and administrative offices. The three-level basement parking accommodates over a thousand vehicles. The complex is also equipped with a broad range of state-of- the-art security features, an advanced building management system, and biosafety features incorporated into sensitive patient areas.

Our Organization

TMC boasts of a distinguished medical staff of some 1,500 physicians, all of whom are experienced and recognized experts in their various fields. The Medical staff is supported by a 4,000-member organization composed of allied medical and administrative staff, many of whom have honed their expertise over years of loyal service to the institution.


The Medical City Main has been conferred accreditation by the Joint Commission International for attaining and maintaining the highest standards of quality for healthcare organizations. JCI is widely recognized as the most prestigious accrediting body for international healthcare organizations.

In its evaluation by JCI, TMC has received perfect scores in standards related to Access to Care and Continuity of Care, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Patients and Family Education, and Governance, Leadership and Direction, a truly exceptional achievement by any measure.

With the JCI’s gold seal, each person who comes to TMC is assured of receiving health care services that are at par with the best hospitals in the world.

Our Services

Our world-class facility is the staging area for the delivery of cutting-edge health care services, with centers of excellence in wellness and aesthetics, cardiovascular, cancer and regenerative medicine.

The Center for Wellness and Aesthetics is a one-stop shop for health maintenance and promotion that delivers organized, personalized, seamless, and comprehensive services appropriate to various age groups – from the young to the young at heart. Moreover, its posh, two-story site merges style and professionalism for a distinct health care experience.

The Cardiovascular Program offers integrated, state-of-the-art care, encompassing non-invasive diagnostics, minimally-invasive interventional services, open heart surgery, and cardiac rehabilitation.

The Cancer Program adopts a unique multidisciplinary team approach to cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and management. It applies innovative molecular technologies in diagnosis and treatment for truly customized care. Its new Breast Center features state-of-the-art equipment and manned by a multidisciplinary team of experts focused on each individual woman’s needs and concerns. The latest addition to the Breast Center’s most advanced technology is Digital breast tomosynthesis, a newly developed form of three-dimensional (3D) imaging of the breast which offers a clearer and more accurate view compared to digital mammography (2D) alone.

The Regenerative Medicine Program employs advanced technologies in the engineering of stem cells and other biomaterials for the purpose of preserving, restoring, or enhancing organ function. Using the latest cell processing, studies and storage facilities, Regenerative Medicine therapies offer unprecedented opportunities for developing new treatments for debilitating diseases for which there are few known or no cures.

In 2012, the world-leading Institute of Personalized Molecular Medicine (IPMM) was established to expand the Regenerative Medicine program of TMC.

IPMM offers a comprehensive range of clinical and laboratory services in molecular and cellular therapeutics, including stem cell therapies for both Filipino and international patients. IPMM is also the first fully accredited Human Stem Cell and Cell-based Therapy Program in the country, with accreditation granted by the Department of Health in November 2014.

Our Service Philosophy

TMC has defined for itself the value proposition: “Where Patients are Partners.” This phrase finds its fullest meaning when the patient is viewed not as a problem to be solved or a charge to be cared for, but as a partner in his own health.

Patient partnership means acknowledging the patient's fundamental accountability for his own health, then supporting this with systems, tools and venues for education, open communication, and informed choice. This fresh perspective on the patient's role in health care represents a radical departure from the traditional idea of the patient as a passive recipient of medical services.

The organizational base for engaging this unique service philosophy is the Center for Patient Partnership, which develops and delivers individual and group programs designed to provide accurate and actionable health education and information for the benefit of patients, family members, and caregivers.