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About Us

Delivery Suite

The Institute for Women's Health offers a wide scope of general and subspecialty inpatient and outpatient services that address every phase a woman experiences throughout her lifetime —from her pre-reproductive years through her childbearing and post-menopausal years. The Labor and Delivery Suite caters to all obstetrical and gynecological needs involving minor and major operations. This unique facility allows the department to offer many options during surgical procedures including great flexibility and safety in the birthing process.


The Medical City’s Labor and Delivery Suite caters to procedures such as:

• Normal Spontaneous Delivery

• Caesarian Section

• Dilatation and Curettage

• Hysteroscopy

• Hysterectomy

• Ovarian and Tubal Surgery

• Laparoscopic Procedures

• Myomectomy

• Gynecologic Cancer Surgery

• Vaginal and Perineal Repair

• Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery for Incontinence and Prolapse

Expectant mothers may also avail of the Department’s private Birthing Suite and Lamaze Room. For other diagnostic procedures, patients can proceed to the hospital’s Women’s Health Care Center.

Women’s Health Care Center

The Women’s Health Care Center offers specialized and personalized diagnostic ultrasound services to diagnose all fetal and gynecological problems, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Whenever necessary, emergency ultrasound is also available to our patients. At the Women’s Health Care Center, it is assured that a physician sees every patient!

The Women’s Health Care Center now offers aneuploidy and preeclampsia screening for high risk patients, transperineal ultrasound for the evaluation of any pelvic floor disorders and bladder scan for urinary retention.

Women’s Health Floor

The Women's Health Floor is located on the 6th Floor of the hospital and houses the Women’s Health Care Center which has an operating room for minor surgeries, new specialty clinics like Infertility Clinic, High Risk Pregnancy and Preterm Birth Prevention Clinic, CEO (Cervix, Endometrium, and Ovarian) Clinic, Menopause Clinic, Pelvic Floor Clinic; Breast Center, Lactation Clinic and the Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Program Office.


Infertility work-up such as:

-       HSSG (hysterosonosalpingogram)

-       HSG (hysterogram)

Infertility procedure: Intrauterine Insemination

Cancer screening procedures (for CEO clinic)

-       Endometrial biopsy

-       Colposcopy

-       Vaginal/Vulvar biopsy

Saline infusion sonography – a gynecologic scan for uterine and endometrial abnormalities 

Our Team

Dr. Ma. Cecilia G. Vicencio – Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Dr. Angela S. Aguilar

Dr. Florante P. Gonzaga

Dr. Gilda G. Martinez

Dr. Ma. Cecilia C. Reyes

Dr. Chiaoling Sua-Lao

Pediatric Gynecology

Dr. Annebelle D. Aherrera


Dr. Agatonica E. Arcales

Dr. Concepcion P. Alfiler

Dr. Donna Cayetana N. Castillo

Dr. Lyra Ruth C. Chua

Dr. Ma. Rosario Laarni C. Diaz

Dr. Elsa S. Dionisio

Dr. Gumersinda Cruz-Javier

Dr. Ma. Cecilia C. Cruz-Reyes

Dr. Ma. Geraldine Michelle O. Florentino-Severino

Dr. Ma. Victoria D. Gayamat

Dr. Felicitas M. Lector

Dr. Praxedes C. Lim

Dr. Maribel P. Lopez

Dr. Julieta S. Mahusay

Dr. Marietta A. Panaligan

Dr. Blesilda R. Perona

Dr. Sheila Marie G. Pineda-Almazan

Dr. Josefina C. Ponciano

Dr. Leslie Carmina L. Soria-Canonizado


Dr. Edeliza E. Amorin

Dr. Mario A. Bernardino

Dr. Maria Lourdes D. Cango-Castor

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility/MIS

Dr. Anthony Marc B. Ancheta

General OB

Dr. Regina Carmela Y. Santiago-Aquias

Dr. Josephine O. Bautista

Dr. Sylvia R. Calingo

Dr. Imelda B. Campaña

Dr. Gaudiosa F. Concepcion

Dr. Edgardo T. Fernando

Dr. Judy O. Fuentes

Dr. Erlinda G. Germar

Dr. Edwin R. Gonzales

Dr. Bernardita B. Javier

Dr. Esther S. Ongkeko

Dr. Ma. Paz Paula M. Rama

Dr. Arsenia Velasquez-Cruz


Dr. Jocelyn Cenizal-Bambalan

Gynecologic Oncology

Dr. Edna C. Banta

Dr. Maria Julieta Victoriano-Germar

Dr. Mary Christine F. Palma

Gynecologic Oncology/MIS/Robotic Surgery

Dr. Ronald Augustine O. Campos

Pediatric Gynecology/Adult Infectious Disease

Dr. Christine D. Dizon

Trophoblastic Diseases

Dr. Milagros T. Jocson

Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery/Robotic Surgery

Dr. Lisa Teresa T. Prodigalidad-Jabson

Ultrasonography/Robotic Surgery

Dr. Rowena P. Rivera

Dr. Ma. Cecilia G. Vicencio

Trophoblastic Diseases/Ultrasonography

Dr. Marilyn D. Ruaro


The Department of Medicine is divided into the following sections:

Other Services

The Department of Medicine is divided into the following sections:

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Institute for Women's Health

The Medical City’s Delivery Suite is located at the 5th floor, Nursing Tower


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