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A Lifelong Partner in Health & in Sickness

The Medical City is committed to becoming a lifelong partner to its Patient Partners by delivering exceptional and compassionate service and care

The year 2022 was a transformative year for global health. The healthcare providers and the whole industry, in general, continued to strive forward and meet the expectations of the new normal.

For The Medical City (TMC), the past year can be summed up as moving beyond the pandemic crisis and ensuring the delivery of safe and continuous, exceptional care to its patient partners.

In October last year, TMC launched its latest campaign dubbed “In Health and In Sickness” a vow of commitment to be the trusted partner of its patients for better or for worse through two-way, world-class healthcare and wellness. The campaign featured a 3-episode series showcasing stories that are based on true patient experiences.

This promise is validated by prestigious citations which further empower TMC's passion to lead the landscape of the Philippine healthcare.

Fit for the Future, Fit for its People

In October 2022, TMC was selected as one of the Philippines' Best Employers for 2023 among the list of top 300 companies in the country. Philippine Daily Inquirer partnered with Hamburg-based market research company Statista to come up with the list of companies liked best by its employees.

TMC continues to invest in its staff's personal and professional development, providing them with the opportunity, capacity, voice, and requisite technology to exercise their primacy as a resource in serving patients and in creating value for stakeholders and the growing institution.

Philippines' Best Employers list is a large-scale and comprehensive study that assesses the attractiveness of organizations in the Philippines based on an independent employee survey.

Respondents rated their own employer on various aspects of their job such as salary, work-life balance and potential for development, their work environment, including their colleagues, superiors, and equipment, as well as the reputation of their employer.

Trusted Medical Care for You and Your Family: TMC Ortigas and TMC Iloilo Recognized as Top Hospitals in 2022 Hospital Star Awards

Currently the largest healthcare network in the country, TMC is composed of one flagship complex which is TMC Ortigas, four provincial hospitals, namely TMC Iloilo, TMC Clark, TMC South Luzon, and TMC Pangasinan, and over 50 clinics in Metro Manila and in select provinces.

On November 21, TMC Ortigas and TMC Iloilo were recognized by the Department of Health (DOH) as among the country's top Level 3 and Level 2 hospitals, respectively in the 2022 Hospital Star Awards.

The Hospital Star Awards is an annual ceremony hosted by the DOH that aims to recognize medical institutions that strive to adhere to the highest medical standards and service quality. The hospitals are evaluated based on Safety and Infection Control, Service Provision, Customer & Employee Satisfaction, Community-based activities, and Quality Improvement. The 2022 theme, “Breaking Barriers of Mediocrity: The Best Pandemic Responders,” further evaluated the candidate hospitals' capacity to cope with the challenges of the pandemic.

Healthcare Asia Awards recognizes TMC's Patient-Centered Approach

For the fifth year in a row, TMC Ortigas has won awards in the prestigious award-giving body Healthcare Asia Awards - the coveted Hospital of the Year and Medical Tourism awards for its Back to Health, Back to the City Program.

The awards program recognizes remarkable performances or cutting-edge development from healthcare organizations across Asia. The Medical City's continuous efforts to thrive despite the mounting challenges brought by the pandemic and to care for international patients have distinguished the hospital from its competitors and elevated it to the status of award winners at the 2022 Healthcare Asia Awards.

Amid the pandemic, TMC submitted itself for assessment and testing by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and subsequently earned its Gold Seal of Approval® for a record sixth time. JCI is the world's premier healthcare quality improvement and accreditation body. The Gold Seal of Approval® is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization's commitment to providing safe and effective patient care.

By pioneering an effective pandemic response as early as April 2020, maintaining a designated pathway and rapid response approach for heart attack cases, and continuing to meet the highest global standards for treating acute myocardial infarction (or heart attack), TMC also secured its third consecutive Acute Myocardial Infarction Clinical Care Program certification from JCI in 2021.

Through its Back to Health, Back to the City campaign, TMC reassured the public that it would be safe to visit a hospital for their health concerns and not just for COVID-19. TMC officials believed that if people avoided hospitals when they needed treatment, they would only become part of a second pandemic with illnesses that might have been resolved if treated early.

This was the same reason why the hospital remained open for foreign patients throughout the pandemic. The global health crisis may have substantial negative effects on medical tourism but the demand for high-quality, safe, and affordable care in foreign lands remains. The Medical City's long track record of accepting and assisting patients traveling to the Philippines enabled the hospital to easily adapt to the ever-changing travel restrictions. Its partnership with various government agencies likewise ensured a seamless experience for foreign patients.

TMC CEO draws inspiration from team's passion and hard work

Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos, TMC President and Chief Executive Officer, was named one of Asia's Most Inspiring Executives at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2022 held in November 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The ACES Awards acknowledges successful corporations and business leaders in Asia across two key domains: leadership and corporate social responsibility, and acknowledges their achievements in consideration of their contributions towards sustainable and exemplary impacts made within their communities, industries, and the immediate world. Over 470 submissions received, 93 were selected as winners across several award categories.

The award, created to identify successful visionaries and help people learn from the success of the awardees, was given to Dr. Ramos for his leadership during the COVID-19 years, as The Medical City re-organized its operations to effectively handle both COVID and non-COVID patients.

Dr. Ramos said he drew strength and inspiration from the healthcare workers and patients of The Medical City which enabled him to face the daunting challenges of the global pandemic.

“There was no rule book to handle a global pandemic that paralyzed our economy. No one knew what we were dealing with - some of our most senior doctors, because of their age, were put at risk, while the others were separated from their families due to quarantine and the risk of infections. Our healthcare workers bravely stayed on duty, and we could do no less,” says Dr. Ramos. “The care and compassion they gave to our patients, despite the risks they faced and the fatigue they endured, was both humbling and inspiring.”

Where Patients are Partners: TMC South Luzon wins Excellence Award for its community involvement program

TMC South Luzon's "1Community 2Gether Year 2 - Beyond Borders” program won the Excellence Award at the 2022 Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA). The winning entry under the Community Involvement category is a testament to TMC South Luzon's active engagement with both the industrial and residential communities that it serves.

Community involvement has been one of TMC South Luzon's strengths since 2019 under the leadership of its President & CEO, Dr. Cesar Ramon G. Espiritu. It has established a strong relationship with the local government, especially during the start of the pandemic when the hospital was designated as a major COVID-19 referral center in the city of Santa Rosa and one of the first private hospitals certified as a vaccination site for COVID-19.

TMC South Luzon also expanded its reach via community and corporate partnerships with its programs which included onsite COVID-19 vaccination, COVID-19-related diagnostic tests, and Annual Physical Examination services. Its community partners also took advantage of the hospital's Home Care Program and Mobile Clinic services.

Bringing quality and innovative healthcare services where patients need it the most

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the virus itself is here to stay and countries will need to learn to manage it alongside other respiratory illnesses.

“There is no going back to how things were before,” says Dr. Ramos, and for TMC, this means spearheading innovations and revitalizing services to adapt to life with COVID-19.

In 2021, TMC developed a healthcare model that puts primacy on the frontline of true care, which is the home. Dubbed TMC Care, Anytime, Anywhere, this model combines teleconsultation with actual home visits to patients by TMC doctors and medical staff.

Late last year, TMC launched two of its major initiatives —the Remote Care Center and the Center for Diagnostic Medicine.

The Remote Care Center brings healthcare services closer to homes and communities, providing patients with the best care possible, anytime and anywhere. Its numerous benefits include early intervention to prevent complications, convenience for the patients, improved access to care, and patient empowerment and education resulting in better health outcomes.

The Center for Diagnostic Medicine, backed up by The Medical City's advanced diagnostic technologies and medical experts from multiple fields, provides well-designed programs that incorporate multidisciplinary case analysis to avoid misdiagnosis.

TMC is also strengthening its Telehealth services with the launch of a Tele-follow up service for patients after they are discharged from the Emergency Department (ED).

“Innovation has always been part of our culture at TMC. But we also need to maintain our excellent quality of service, that's the most important thing,” says TMC Chairman Jose Xavier B. Gonzales. “From TMC's mission, the pursuit of our vision is animated by a passion to always keep our patient on center stage and deliver service of greater worth. This makes The Medical City a trusted partner in health and in sickness.”