Notice of Nomination Guidelines for the Corporation's Annual Stockholders Meeting | The Medical City

Notice of Nomination Guidelines for the Corporation's Annual Stockholders Meeting

By The Medical City (TMC), Ortigas | August 12, 2022

notice of nomination of guidelines for the corporations annual stockholders meeting

View the full notice and directions for how to access the guidelines with annexes below.

Notice of Nomination Guidelines for the Corporation's Annual Stockholders Meeting

By The Medical City (TMC), Ortigas

August 12, 2022

notice of nomination of guidelines for the corporations annual stockholders meeting
View the full notice and directions for how to access the guidelines with annexes below.


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Notice of Special Stockholders Meeting (February 2024)

Notice is hereby given that the Special Stockholders Meeting of Professional Services, Inc. will be held on 7 February 2024, at 1:00 PM at the Augusto M. Barcelon Auditorium, The Medical City, Don Eugenio Lopez Sr. Medical Complex, Ortigas Avenue, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, Philippines.

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December 01, 2023

Notice of Special Stockholders Meeting (December 2023)

Notice is hereby given that the Special Stockholders Meeting of Professional Services, Inc. will be held on 20 December 2023, at 1:00 PM at the Augusto M. Barcelon Auditorium, The Medical City, Don Eugenio Lopez Sr. Medical Complex, Ortigas Avenue, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, Philippines.

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November 29, 2023

TMC leads discussion on building a “Culture of Health” at Philippine Hospital Association confab

Manila, November 24, 2023—The Medical City is a leading voice at the on-going 74th Annual National Convention and Exhibits of the Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) at The Manila Hotel in Ermita, Manila.

In his presentation on “Building the Health Care Provider Network” today, TMC’s Managed Care Head Lawrence Y. Sibayan underscored the importance of strong partnerships and coopetition to achieve a fully functional service delivery network to finally implement universal health care. He called for a systemic approach and clear delineation of roles of key agencies and stakeholders to ensure that all Filipinos are guaranteed equitable access to quality and affordable healthcare, consequently creating and embedding a “Culture of Health” in Filipino society.

TMC’s hospital-community partnerships and hospital-to-hospital collaborations, Sibayan said, are only some of the ways TMC has sought to “align efforts, reduce duplication and optimize financial resources” to contribute to the full implementation of the universal health care law. The hospital’s CARES (Community Activation, Relations, and Engagement Services) program has established community clinics in collaboration with the Pasig City government, offering primary care, clinic operations, and wellness programs for the city’s residents.

Meanwhile, its LINK (Leadership, Integration, Networking, and Knowledge) program brings together the city government, TMC hospitals, and TMC corporate partners to “bridge the gap in healthcare delivery systems by forming network relations from adopted health centers and government hospitals, helping establish more structured and efficient healthcare delivery systems.

PHA is a broad network of some 2,000 hospitals across the government and private sectors. Yearly, the PHA Annual Convention is a pivotal forum facilitating knowledge exchange, fostering networks, and enhancing professional growth opportunities. This eagerly anticipated convention serves as a platform for hospital members, offering them the chance to partake in knowledge-sharing endeavors while strengthening connections within the healthcare community.

This year’s convention is attended by 1,800 delegates from both private and government hospitals. Among these attendees are hospital proprietors, executives, directors, clinicians, and influential figures in healthcare leadership.

The TMC booth at the PHA has attracted hundreds of delegates from various hospitals, with over 50 hospitals expressing keen interest in forging partnerships with the TMC Enterprise.

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October 13, 2023

The Medical City and TMC Employees Association Seal New Collective Bargaining Agreement

Present during the signing were (Rear L-R): Erwin G. Cayabyab, Joseph O. Vidallo, Ronald R. Remudo, Ferdenand U. De Vera, Crisselda Joy B. Enriquez, Cheryll D. Gonzaga, Anthony Aldrin C. Santiago, Ferdinand P. Aganon ; (Front L-R): Oliver B. Maceda, Jr., Dennis D. Memoracion, Dr. Ruben G. Kasala, Shirley Luz B. Macalipay

MANILA, Philippines -  In its continuous effort to foster a productive and harmonious workplace for all its employees, The Medical City (TMC) signs a new 2-year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the TMC Employees Association (TMCEA) on October 11, 2023 at Marco Polo Ortigas, Manila. 

The new CBA, which covers nine economic provisions with 12 items agreement, would be in effect from October 1, 2023 - September 30, 2025. Both parties expressed their commitment to follow and implement the agreed-upon terms for the interest of all stakeholders. 

Dr. Ruben Kasala, TMC Executive Vice President and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “This partnership with mutual understanding is brought about by our common vision that is centered on the welfare and benefit of the employees as well as the institution.” To which he added, “In this pursuit, may we be fueled by the virtue of malasakit, for our employees, patients, and our institution, The Medical City.”

Meanwhile, Chief Human Resource Officer, Shirley Luz Macalipay, highlighted that with the primacy of human resource being one of TMC’s core values, the CBA is testament to how it stays true to empowering the employees and valuing their voices as the cornerstone of the organization. “This milestone is a reflection of our mutual understanding that a productive and thriving workplace is built on fairness, respect, and open communication,” she said.  

Macalipay further acknowledged those behind the initiative for concluding the negotiation in only three hours from the previous two conference meetings. “The dedication and perseverance of the representatives of both the management and the labor union who tirelessly collaborated, engaged in meaningful dialogue, and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to finding common ground have resulted in an agreement that is beneficial for both the employees and organization as a whole.” Macalipay is also the Chairperson of the Management Panel for this CBA.

             Photo shows: The CBA TMCEA panel with members and the legal counsel

Finally, Dennis Memoracion, The Medical City Employees Association (TMCEA) President, emphasizes the importance of collaboration by saying, “I say let the challenge of one employee be the challenge of all employees, in that way, the success of one will be the success of all who comprise The Medical City.”

As the success of each employee resonates to the whole of the organization, this CBA will set the stage for a more supportive work environment that is not only for the employees but will likewise improve patient care.

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October 06, 2023

The Markers of Inspiring Leadership

Pasig City—TMC President and Group CEO Eugenio Jose F. Ramos, MD, MBA talks to The Beacons Post, the media division of MORS Group, in association with the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Award (ACES), which has recognized and celebrated visionary business leaders and sustainability advocates across Asia since 2014.

Interviewed by Malaysia-based veteran journalist Anne Edwards, Dr. Ramos talked about how visionary and empathetic leadership can bring out the best in people even in the most difficult of circumstances, recalling how TMC faced the challenges of the pandemic, reorganizing its operations to serve both COVID and non-COVID patients under the One Complex-Two Hospital Systems strategy.

Dr. Ramos also spoke about how a true leader serves to “unmask the leadership and fighting spirit” of everyone in the organization—“the healthcare workers and patients who gave him the support and inspiration to face daunting challenges … I was just amazed by the number of people who were not in positions of leadership in this hospital but were the braver ones.”

ACES has recognized and celebrated visionary business leaders and sustainability advocates across Asia since 2014. It “pays tribute to the select few who have carried out significant CSR campaigns, implemented policies and operational structures that generate returns beyond financial gains. They protect the environment, they demonstrate compassion for the community, they recognize human resources as assets, and they propel Asia’s resilient economic growth.”

Watch the full video here:

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September 29, 2023

Healthcare Harmony: The Medical City and IHH Healthcare Singapore Seal Collaboration and Benchmarking Agreement

NEWS | Pasig City, 26 September 2023—The Medical City Ortigas (TMC Ortigas) and IHH Healthcare Singapore (formerly Parkway Hospital Singapore) today signed a partnership agreement to advance each other’s healthcare innovation, clinical education, leadership and management development, and benchmarking under the Medical Affiliate Program (MAP). 

 The contract signing, held in TMC Ortigas on Tuesday, was attended by TMC President and Group CEO Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos, TMC Vice President and Head of Enterprise Managed Care Lawrence Y. Sibayan, Chief Commercial Officer Jeffrey Law and Country Manager Vincent Lai of IHH Healthcare Singapore, and Director Edwin Roland Salonga of IHH Healthcare Philippines. 

 Healthcare collaboration is a critical aspect of the healthcare industry, encompassing various efforts to bring together different stakeholders, organizations, and professionals to improve patient care, outcomes, and the overall healthcare system. 

 “In the last few years, we have seen a significant rise in the number of patients from Philippines coming to our hospitals in Singapore. As we go through this process of rendering service to the patients from foreign lands, it also comes to our attention that we actually need to play a more active role in supporting healthcare systems around the region that have trusted us,” Mr. Law said. 

 “The aspect of patient referrals of this program underscores our dedication to seamless and comprehensive healthcare delivery. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our shared commitment to enhancing healthcare provision in our respective communities,” said Mr. Sibayan. 

 “It will also drive workforce transformation through medical education, clinical quality, and technology, and develop professionals who will be better able to respond to the increasing complexities in the healthcare setting.” 

 The partnership will enhance capabilities of both TMC and IHH Healthcare, leveraging the strengths and expertise of both hospital groups through the creation of training programs, fellowships, and attachments for doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators, all aimed at elevating the medical knowledge and skill sets of their staff. The partnership will ensure that their patients receive the most personalized care possible, extending well beyond the boundaries of each facility. 

 “So there is really no point in trying to duplicate things, because resources are limited. All we need to do is really partner,” said Dr. Eugene Ramos.  

 “Seeing how proud they were with their institution as they showed us around (in a recent trip to Singapore), that by itself already speaks a lot of how they will interact with other people and how they take care of patients with that kind of pride.” 

 “This Medical Affiliate Program establishes a network of like-minded hospitals within our region, to increase their standard together as a whole, and also bring the best outcome to our patients together,” said Mr. Lai. 

 Additionally, the parties will collaboratively organize joint courses, seminars, masterclasses, and conferences, along with facilitating study visits and exchange programs, for medical staff (both doctors and nurses) as well as administrators, all aimed at fostering leadership and management development.  

 By engaging in benchmarking, IHH Healthcare and TMC jointly seek to enhance outcomes and efficiency by exchanging best practices, implementing knowledge management strategies, and conducting performance evaluations.

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September 19, 2023

Levelling Up Employee Health Benefits with CHAMP

NEWS | Pasig City, 19 September 2023 — The primacy of data intelligence and its potential for transforming the provision of health benefits by corporate organizations to their employees was underscored in a gathering organized by the Enterprise Managed Care Group with representatives of the People Management Association of the Philippines at the Augusto P. Barcelon auditorium in TMC Ortigas.

The gathering, which served to launch Managed Care’s centerpiece program, Corporate Health Accreditation and Management Program (CHAMP), offered the attendees of the free learning session, “The Human Resource Synergy: Nurturing Health, Fostering Well-bring, and Mastering Benefit Administration,” new perspectives on employee health benefits.

The Medical City President and Group CEO Dr. Eugene F. Ramos in his talk emphasized the need for human resource professionals to make use of their employee data “to take out the guesswork in creating and optimizing benefits and wellness programs … responding to the actual health needs of employees.”

“With data, informed decisions can be made about employee benefits, thus improving overall employee retention and satisfaction rates.”

This was echoed by Enterprise Managed Care Head Lawrence Y. Sibayan who, addressing a common concern of employers about managing healthcare costs, said that TMC through CHAMP’s highly customizable and flexible arrangements could help companies optimize their health-care utilization rate. He added that with CHAMP, companies will gain in terms of offering value-based services by having the healthcare provider—in this case, TMC—on the table, aside from insurance companies and HMOs, when creating and administering employee health care benefits.

Dr. Jan Paolo Dipasupil, Head for Lifestyle Medicine of the TMC Ortigas Health and Wellness Institute, talked about the common risk factors among Filipinos and the more recent developments in lifestyle medicine interventions that are available in TMC. Meanwhile, Dr. Jannel Gatbalayan-Cleto, Head of the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry of the Institute of Neurological Sciences of TMC Ortigas talked about Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and how it may address difficulties in a post-COVID workplace.

The enhanced CHAMP program offers more than packages to partner-organizations; it provides companies with health-benefits consulting from managed care professionals of TMC. “We are here to provide value to our corporate partners, helping them to manage costs and utilization, while ensuring that they provide their employees with a high level of care,” said Sibayan. “This way, companies will not only boost their productivity, but also confidently boost employee satisfaction and their own reputation in their respective industries.”

Today’s event was attended by over 94 HR leaders and professionals from 68 member companies of PMAP. PMAP was represented by its Treasurer and Chapter President of the PMAP Tarlac Chapter, Ma. Consuelo M. Reyes at the event.

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September 06, 2023

Post-COVID Opportunities in Philippine Healthcare

“Post-pandemic, we have to prepare ourselves in terms of getting the right data and how to make use of that data in making decisions.” —Eugenio Jose F. Ramos, MD, MBA

Dr. Eugenio F. Ramos, The Medical City (TMC) President and Group CEO, shares how TMC is reinventing the provision of healthcare in this post-pandemic world, from harnessing the power of digital technology and AI, addressing the nursing shortage crisis creatively, to tapping opportunities opened up by a more health-literate populace. 

Read more about Dr. Ramos’ thoughts about facing the opportunities and challenges in the post-pandemic era in BusinessWorld’s 36th anniversary issue:


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August 15, 2023

The Medical City Annual Report 2022: Pushing Boundaries for Renewed Growth and Sustainable Healthcare

We are pleased to present The Medical City's Annual Report for the year 2022, showcasing our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services to our community. This report highlights our achievements, advancements, and the remarkable stories that define our journey towards excellence. 

We invite you to explore the complete journey of The Medical City in our Annual Report 2022. Click the link below to access the full report and discover how we are shaping the future of healthcare.

TMC Annual Report 2022

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June 30, 2023

Notice of Annual Stockholders Meeting 2023

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June 16, 2023


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June 07, 2023

Annual Report and the Audited Consolidated Financial Statements of PSI for 2022

To the Stockholders of Professional Services, Inc. (PSI):

The Annual Report and the Audited Consolidated Financial Statements of PSI for the year ended December 31, 2022, are available for viewing. You may access it through the following link:

Professional Services Inc_SEC Form 17A 2022_19 May 2023

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notice of annual meeting of stockholders

October 05, 2022

Updated Notice of Professional Services, Inc.'s Annual Meeting of Stockholders

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September 22, 2022

Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders

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August 22, 2022

Notice of Special Stockholders' Meeting

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June 15, 2022

Notice of Annual Stockholders' Meeting

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notice of adjournment of the special stockholders meeting

April 27, 2022

Notice of Adjournment of the Special Stockholders Meeting

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notice of special meeting of stockholders

April 06, 2022

Notice of Special Stockholders Meeting

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notice of annual meeting of stockholders

November 22, 2021

Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders

Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of Professional Services, Inc.

To access a copy of the nomination guidelines, CLICK HERE

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man awarding jci accreditation to a tmc employee

November 18, 2021

The Medical City secures 6th JCI accreditation amid COVID-19 pandemic

“In this most difficult of times to save lives and keep our patients safe, we opted to submit ourselves for testing. And made it… again!” – Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, The Medical City (TMC) Ortigas submitted itself for assessment and testing by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and subsequently earned its Gold Seal of Approval® for a record sixth time.

Lilibeth Manlulu, TMC-JCI Survey Coordinator and Department Head of Medical Continuous Improvement Hub, hands over the final survey report for TMC’s 6th JCI accreditation to TMC President and CEO Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos and Assistant Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ruben G. Kasala. On background are the five JCI certificates since 2006.

The Gold Seal of Approval® is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective patient care. Since its first accreditation in 2006, TMC has been continuously fulfilling and maintaining the required criteria of JCI, the world’s premier healthcare quality improvement and accreditation body. With the JCI’s gold seal, each person who comes to TMC is assured of receiving healthcare services that are at par with the best hospitals in the world. 

TMC’s Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) Program also retains its status as the first of its kind in the Philippines and currently one of only 15 around the world that is certified by JCI.

JCI online survey at The Medical City Ortigas, October 11 to 14

These recent achievements reiterate TMC’s commitment to offer the highest quality care and ensuring utmost safety for patients even in the face of this global health crisis. 

“We are indeed proud of this international recognition for the 6th time in a row for our JCI accreditation and for the third time for our Acute Myocardial Infarction Clinical Care Program. And as we celebrate these accomplishments, we remain mindful that we need to maintain our excellent quality of service. From our mission and vision, the key phrase there is to always keep patients on center stage and to deliver to them service of greater worth—this is what patient partnership is all about,” says Jose Xavier “Eckie” B. Gonzales, TMC Chairman of the Board.

“This JCI Seal of Quality & Safety is a reflection of the level of professionalism, service, and leadership mindset our team has achieved over the years – a culture of excellence that is a cut above the rest and is getting better as the years pass,” says Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos, TMC President and CEO.

“Our shared vision and collective collaboration have led us to where we are now. Regardless of the exigencies of the times, our grit and resilience keep us ahead; we have proven that to ourselves, particularly in this global pandemic,” adds Dr. Ramos.

From this unprecedented crisis and with COVID-19 posing challenges in healthcare service delivery emerged an inspired and undaunted response from TMC. TMC has boosted its processes and implemented initiatives to adapt to the new normal as it continues to ensure adherence to the strictest standards of quality and safety.

Notwithstanding the pandemic and under severe limitations, Dr. Ramos says The Medical City has coped, survived, and continued to deliver quality care and safety measures to its patients. With the same vigor it had during preparations for previous accreditations, TMC braced for the tedious JCI virtual survey which took place last October 11 to 14.  

JCI has started conducting most surveys as either a hybrid or a virtual survey due to continued travel restrictions and the fluid nature of COVID-19 in general. The virtual survey which was utilized during TMC’s reaccreditation process proved to be just as effective as it maintained the same rigor as a JCI on-site survey.

During the virtual survey, a team of JCI expert surveyors evaluated TMC’s compliance with hospital standards under the updated 7th edition which has now expanded to 13 chapters, 282 standards, and 1,200 measurable elements related to a variety of areas. 

As part of the accreditation program, every three years JCI re-evaluates the hospital against the JCI standards. This involves a comprehensive inspection of the facility, review of practices, processes and procedures, interviews, and examination of records for evidence of sustained compliance and improvement.

Specific enhancements in the 7th edition of the JCI Accreditation Standards for Hospitals include new or revised standards in International Patient Safety Goals, Care of Patients, Prevention and Control of Infections, Facility Management and Safety, and Management of Information Chapters, as well as clarification of sentinel events, adverse events, and near misses.

“This 2021, it would have been acceptable had we decided to postpone the JCI survey because of the 3rd surge of the pandemic, the safety restrictions to movement, plus the fact that we were launching our new Hospital Information System just a few months before the scheduled virtual survey. But we looked outside and into ourselves, and just as we had prevailed over the pandemic chaos, we knew that our team was strong and solid. So we opted to submit ourselves for testing. We never doubted ourselves,” Dr. Ramos remarks.

Re-certification of TMC’s Acute Myocardial Infarction Program

TMC Ortigas recently secured its third JCI certification for its AMI Clinical Care Program following a highly successful virtual assessment last October 18 and 19.

TMC-Cardiovascular Institute Acute Myocardial Infarction Program Team led by CVI Director Dr. Gregorio S. Martinez, Jr. and Program Director Dr. Jose Paolo A. Prado

AMI is the medical term for heart attack. The TMC Cardiovascular Institute’s AMI program was established to treat heart attack patients effectively and rapidly. It is a holistic approach to AMI care which does not only involve a rapid response and nationally recognized expertise but also advanced treatment options, specialized nursing care, cardiac rehabilitation, and comprehensive lifestyle modification program.

Online assessment for AMI Program, October 18 and 19

TMC’s AMI Program targets rapid reperfusion which means that a heart attack patient who walks through the doors of the hospital’s Emergency Department should have the blocked coronary artery opened in the Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab) within 60 minutes. 

TMC received its first certification for its AMI Program in 2015 and was re-certified in October 2018. 

TMC’s 54 years of service

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the care seeking behavior of patients but The Medical City has set the standards for a two-in-one hospital system that makes it a safe place for all. Its recent accreditation and certification add to the assurance that patients are safe and protected when they are at The Medical City. Thus, there is no reason for them to delay seeking care for their medical concerns, whether COVID-related or not.

“What a way to celebrate our 54th Anniversary this week, made even richer by the fact that we pursued the JCI survey in the middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic,” adds Dr. Ramos.

Formerly known as ABM Sison Hospital, The Medical City was established in October 1967 as a tertiary doctor-owned hospital in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. In June 2004, the hospital moved to its current location, a 1.5 hectare lot along Ortigas Avenue. Merely two years after its transfer to its Ortigas home, TMC submitted itself to the rigorous review and accreditation process of the JCI.

Joint Commission International (JCI) was established in 1997 as a division of Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (JCR), a wholly controlled, not-for-profit affiliate of The Joint Commission. Through international accreditation, consultation, publications, and education programs, JCI extends The Joint Commission’s mission worldwide by helping to improve the quality of patient care.  JCI assists international health care organizations, public health agencies, health ministries and others in more than 100 countries.

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the medical city awards

July 12, 2021

The Medical City sustains health care leadership, bags back-to-back international awards

Premier health institution The Medical City (TMC) is and has always been a safe place for all. But something had to be done to allay the public's fears about visiting hospitals, especially during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aside from fear of contracting the virus causing COVID-19, fear had also gripped those with chronic diseases or other health needs. Some people were ignoring symptoms altogether because they were scared to set foot in the ER or even in the doctor’s clinic.

To communicate that the hospital is indeed a safe place for all, The Medical City launched the “TMC One Complex, Two Hospital Systems” in April 2020. The two-in-one hospital system delineated separate areas and pathways – including emergency rooms, diagnostic labs, hospital wards, and elevators for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 cases.

TMC had to reassure people that it would be safe to visit a hospital to seek treatment for COVID-19 as well as for other reasons. The TMC leaders saw that if people avoided hospitals when they needed urgent treatment, they would only become part of a second pandemic with illnesses that might have been resolved if treated early.

This campaign by The Medical City main hospital in Ortigas was replicated in other TMC enterprise hospitals – TMC Clark, TMC South Luzon, TMC Pangasinan, and TMC Iloilo.

This out-of-the-box strategy has earned back-to-back wins for TMC Ortigas − two awards at the 2021 PR Awards and COVID Management Initiative of the Year at the recently concluded Healthcare Asia awards.

The two much coveted awards from PR Asia are the Gold Award for Best PR Campaign for Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals and the Silver Award for Best COVID-19 Related Response. The winning campaign bested 400 other entries from across Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the ANZ regions.

Healthcare Asia awards program, on the other hand, aims to honor hospitals and clinics that have risen above the challenges and made a remarkable impact to their patients most especially amidst the massive disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is TMC Ortigas’ fifth award from Healthcare Asia since 2018. In 2020, TMC Ortigas bagged the coveted Hospital of the Year award and Customer Service Initiative of the Year for its Red Coat Ambassadors Program.

In 2019, lauded for his naturally endowed leadership skills and his ability to foster, encourage, and inspire his medical community, TMC President and CEO Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos took home the CEO of the Year Award. TMC Ortigas, in 2018, clinched the Marketing Initiative of the Year award for "Sing-A-Lung," the hospital's pulmonary test that patients can sing.

A safe place for all

“The concept that we started actually made it much easier for a lot of other hospitals to figure out exactly how not only to deal with COVID cases but also how to open up part of their hospitals to non-COVID which actually is a lot more and which have more serious conditions as well that require hospitalization,” said TMC President and CEO Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos.

“When the COVID pandemic started in March 2020, there were a lot of unknowns... we did not have a full understanding of how to treat it. As we were able to regain our bearing quickly, we started to band together and to start thinking how do we handle the issue of fear and uncertainty, the prevailing attitude and condition and emotional state of a lot of people here in Manila and the rest of the world when the COVID pandemic started to surge.”

“We realized that there was a need for us to handle and manage that fear and uncertainty and to make sure that the rest of the community and patient population would be able to gain confidence and trust that it was safe to go to The Medical City hospital not only because they may have COVID but because they are afraid of COVID,” said Dr. Ramos.

“TMC One Complex, Two Hospital Systems” refers to the new normal hospital operation of TMC Ortigas that provides patients with clear-cut processes and division for COVID-19 patients in isolated areas and separate safe access for non-COVID-19 patients who need consults, diagnostic tests, intervention, and management of their diseases. Exclusive pathways have been identified from the moment a patient enters the hospital to his planned appointment or destination.

The “Back to Health, Back to Hospital” campaign was then launched to assure the public that the hospital is safe and continues to run as normal. Videos and social media posts highlighted the higher-than-standard protocols the hospital had put in place to convey the message that it is even safer than malls or other establishments.

TMC Ortigas covered all bases with different video content such as actual tours of the facilities, messages from doctors, as well as testimonials from patients. The message was that patients’ health and safety are The Medical City’s top priority, and that delayed care could often lead to more problems.

Other COVID-19 related initiatives

TMC Ortigas also initiated partnerships with local government units, and the Department of Health (DOH) which covered COVID-19 testing, efficient contact tracing, and management of patients. It also formed an alliance with the big hospitals in Metro Manila and led a collective appeal to the government to designate hospitals for COVID-19 so that efforts, manpower, and resources could be centralized and better controlled.

In July 2020, TMC Ortigas launched its Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing using ECLIA. ECLIA detects antibodies produced in patient’s blood due to COVID-19 infection. In August, the hospital expanded its drive-thru services adding COVID-19 gold standard RT-PCR test, and other diagnostic laboratory procedures, providing patients a safe and convenient way to get tested while limiting exposure to others.

Some agile projects completed to address the COVID-19 challenges included Teleconsult and Home Care services in case patients cannot leave their homes, as well as Lab on Wheels which provides home service collection of samples for routine testing at TMC Ortigas clinical laboratory. Further, its Vaccine on Wheels provides pre-vaccination teleconsultation and home service administration of flu vaccine.

TMC Ortigas also launched an Online HMO Concierge that provides personalized medical coordination for HMO and Insurance patients online. A Medical Concierge for patients visiting the hospital was likewise established to increase efficiency and revitalize patients’ hospital experience.

Through its efforts, TMC had the largest share of voice or 48% of the Philippines' top five hospitals in 2020. Foot traffic rose to 20% between May and December 2020. This proves that there was a steady rise in the number of patients returning to TMC Ortigas despite the pandemic.

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themedicalcity blue logo

July 05, 2021

The Medical City launches its research agenda and facility

As healthcare professionals, are you doing enough for your patients? Does the unknown scare you? Are you ready to rediscover patient care?

While medical treatment has made astonishing advances over the years, there are still a lot of unmet medical needs of patients and still so much more to discover and uncover with regard to clinical practice. Thus, research is essential to find answers to things that are unknown, filling gaps in knowledge and changing the way that healthcare professionals work. 

With the goal of being not just a world-class hospital but also an exemplary research institution, The Medical City (TMC) on March 25, 2021, launched the new programs and facility of the Clinical and Translational Research Institute (CTRI) which is at the forefront of bridging the clinical research gap from the laboratory setting to its bedside application.

Established in 2017, the CTRI is committed to cultivate the different aspects of research and to interconnect the different TMC enterprise hospitals, making research an integral part of the values and brand of The Medical City across the country. 

The CTRI Research Facility is composed of the Clinical Trial Facility and the Biomedical Research Laboratories (The BRU Labs). The Clinical Trial Facility is the one-stop-shop facility of the Clinical Trial Unit which caters to various clinical trial services like patient examination (in two dedicated clinical trial rooms), clinical trial monitoring (in a dedicated and equipped monitoring area), and trial file storage (in dedicated and secured investigational site file storage room). 

The CTU continues to live with its commitment to provide an efficient and high quality research management system catering to the needs of the clinician trialist and biomedical researchers. The Medical City is now recognized in the industry as a multi-center clinical trial site that enjoins TMC Main, TMC Iloilo, TMC Clark, TMC South Luzon, and soon, TMC Pangasinan. This makes The Medical City a multi-center clinical trial site. The CTU is headed by Edgar R. Dimaguila.

On the other hand, the BRU Labs are top-of-the-line laboratory facilities that cater to the conduct of basic scientific research through its state-of-the-art equipment and expert collaborations locally and internationally. The BRU Labs offer TMC researchers access to a tissue culture facility for mammalian tissue sample propagation, bioanalytical laboratory for basic biochemical analysis, instrumentation facility (with Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography) for chemical detection and purification, molecular biology facility for basic nucleic acid purification, quantification, amplification, analysis, and library preparation for sequencing, 3D printing facility for manufacturing of polymer-based materials, 3D bioprinting facility for organoid or tissue printing, and biobanking facility (with -20 and -80 degrees Celsius freezers). 

“We plan to offer the first integrated research facility that can cater to the needs of researchers, from the basic benchtop research, to clinical trials, up until research translation to the patients,” said Dr. Roland Gilbert Remenyi, head of BRU.     

The virtual launch featured messages from Dr. Remenyi, Mr. Dimaguila, and Mark Carascal, Science Research Specialist; reveal of the BRU Labs research agenda; simulation activities in the Clinical Trial Facility; lab walkthrough; update on the groundbreaking Physician Scientist Fellowship Program, and a fireside chat between TMC President and CEO Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos and multi-awarded clinician and scientist Dr. Raul V. Destura, head of CTRI.


The CTRI Clinical Trial Facility and the Biomedical Research Laboratories (The BRU Labs) are located at the Lower Ground of The Medical City in Ortigas, Pasig City. For more information, please call 8-9881000 ext. 7834.

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notice of annual stockholders meeting

June 17, 2021

Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders

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notice of special stockholders meeting

April 13, 2021

Notice of Special Stockholders Meeting

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notice of annual meeting of stockholders

February 03, 2021

Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders

To access the Definitive Information Statement, the Consolidated Audited Financial Statements as of 31 December 2019, and SEC Form 17-Q for Quarter period ending 30 September 2020, CLICK HERE

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